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Code of Ethics

In 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Apostle Paul describes the qualities of church leadership by pointing out that an “overseer” must be a person of excellent character. The secular world and Christian leaders rightly assume that ministers and lay leaders should measure up to the standards of these verses. We seek to encourage all ministers and lay leaders towards ethical, orderly, and polite behavior in an honest and open atmosphere. We are urging the development of a code of ethics or code of conduct in order to protect the public, our ministers, and leaders from unethical practices and to guide us in ethical decisions.

Examples of unethical conduct are:

1. Pastors who influence their members to invest in Ponzi schemes whereby members  eventually lose all their money.

2. Pastors who preach against sexual misconduct but who engage in the same misconduct;

3. Pastors who use the pulpit to preach about their members’ issues and problems divulged to the pastor in confidence.

A code of ethics is important because the code will help guide the pastor’s decision making and help preserve his or her reputation.